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We're deeply rooted in growing goodness.

Each year, potato growing encompasses over 1 million acres planted by potato growers in the United States—that’s like filling the whole state of Rhode Island with potato plants. It’s the leading vegetable crop in the US with a total production of 41.3 billion pounds.

Source:  USDA/NASS


At the Forefront of the Storefront

Wisconsin potato growers offer a wide selection of quality potato varieties — Russet, Round White, Round Red, Yellow Flesh, and Blue and Purple potato varieties.


Our fertile ground is a source for fertile minds

The research station at Hancock, Wisconsin is deeply involved in trying new methods to insure ever better quality, decrease crop inputs and enhance the economic vitality of the Wisconsin farmer. Scientists at the University of Wisconsin are recognized internationally as world-wide leaders in potato research.

Food Safety

Our best recipe of all? Our recipe for food safety.

Food safety is an important component of the food chain in today’s society. And Wisconsin’s potato and vegetable growers are committed to practicing the highest food safety standards.


We’re tracking the produce we produce

PTI, or Produce Traceability Initiative, is a system that allows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to trace a potato back from the consumer who bought it to the very field it came from within 24 hours.

Sustainable Practices

Able and Sustainable

We have to realize that farms do more than simply provide produce — they can provide clean ground water, biological diversity, carbon accumulation, healthy soil and improved natural lands and homes for myriad species.