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We've been water conservationists since our great grandparents told us to be.

Wisconsin water quality is important. Our industry is one of traditions, but it’s also one of innovation and ingenuity. Our great grandfathers were crystal clear in their agriculture beliefs, “protect the land and protect the water for without both of them, your life as a farmer will be forever forgotten.” That directive is handed down from one generation to the next, and all along the way, we have researched, we have tested and we have implemented Wisconsin potato conservation programs programs and practices that make our farmers and our farms some of the most widely-admired water conservation initiatives in the agriculture community.

In the early 1930s, Wisconsin became the home of the first erosion control demonstration project in the country, the wildly successful Coon Creek Watershed in Vernon County. There, the science and art of soil conservation to protect our land, our water, our food and our nation, began.

Source: United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

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Irrigation & Conservation Practices

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Did you know trees use more water than vegetables? Learn the facts about farmers’ water use and how they monitor it with up‑to‑date technology.

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