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Retailer Support

The best potatoes are the start of the best retailer support.

More than ever, today’s consumers like to know where their food comes from, what its nutritional benefits are and how they can make the most of their meal. And when it comes to potatoes, plenty of consumers aren’t aware that different potato varieties have different uses. In other words, not every potato is meant to be a baked potato.

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Wisconsin Spudmobile

What is the Wisconsin Spudmobile? Well, it’s the country’s most advanced and most remarkable mobile education and entertainment center focused on potato and vegetable production. The Spudmobile features eight different exhibits that take visitors on a journey from the farmer’s field right to the dinner plate. Through interactive technologies and eye-catching graphics, Spudmobile visitors will learn how farmers are fantastic stewards of the environment and how they incorporate the latest technologies into their agricultural practices.

When visiting the Spudmobile, guests will learn about various varieties of potatoes grown in Wisconsin, how they are planted and harvested, the nutritional facts about potatoes and some statistics about America’s favorite vegetable. Kids will be completely engaged as they play games on the interactive touch table.

Interested in scheduling
the Spudmobile for an event?

The Spudmobile frequently visits trade shows,
grocery stores, festivals and schools.


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Selling Wisconsin Potatoes

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To optimize Wisconsin potato sales, we suggest the following:

  • Download our Pick the Perfect Potato Poster and display it prominently. Be certain your staff understands the different potato varieties so they are prepared to answer consumer questions.
  • Utilize POP that demonstrates the nutritional value of a potato so you can help consumers make smart dietary choices. Consumers like to try new things.
  • Share recipe cards that provide them with fresh ideas.
  • Keep your stock fresh. Potatoes need plenty of ventilation and like a cool, dark space. Potato bins are ideal. Also remove soft, damaged or green potatoes.
  • Cross-category displays can be very powerful. Consider pairing potatoes with other fresh items — make interesting food combinations that give your consumers fresh ideas for home and entertaining. Russets aren’t the only potato. Consumers are showing a growing interest in golden, reds, purples and fingerlings. Consider placing the gourmet potato options front-and-center so they’re the first potato people see, with Russets nearby.
  • Variety is a good thing. Seasons and economics play a role in consumer demand, so give careful consideration to the packaging and bulk options you provide.
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Display Bins

Healthy Grown Buy Local Combo Bin

Healthy Grown Quarter‑Sized Bin

These are buy local and Healthy Grown quarter-sized bins (used locally and in Midwest)

To be sent directly to retailers to assemble and place product inside

Contact your Wisconsin shipper for details

WI Potato Bin Vents

National Full Bin

Potatoes have appeal bins (used nationally)

To replace the current Potatoes Goodness Unearthed bins

Contact your Wisconsin shipper for details

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Potato Bag Tags

Kwik Lok bag tags

Buy Local Kwik Lok Bag Tags

  • Promote locally-grown Wisconsin potatoes
  • Provided in left and right options, this bold, high-contrast design makes sure the message gets read