Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association


Associate Division Board

President, Kenton Mehlberg – T.I.P., Inc.


  • Help foster and promote the various functions of the potato and vegetable industry
  • Add value to being a member of the Associate Division
  • Maintaining or increasing the number of Associate Division members

Auxiliary Board

President, Kathy Bartsch


  • Promote the Wisconsin potato industry by attending various shows/functions throughout the year and supplying restaurants, schools, and homes with potato nutrition information

Chip Committee

Chairman – Josh Knights – Heartland Farms, Inc.

Database Committee

Chairman, Andy Diercks – Coloma Farms


  • Increase grower confidence in data security and expand grower participation in data reporting
  • Use this data collected through SureHarvest to educate growers and define research needs and priorities
  • Develop policies for data distribution and accessibility

Government Affairs Committee

Chairman, Steve Diercks – Coloma Farms

Grower Education Planning Committee


  • Promote the Wisconsin potato and vegetable industry
  • Promote and publicize the Healthy Grown™ program to Wisconsin growers and the business community
  • Encourage new vegetable business that capitalizes on Wisconsin’s strengths
  • Focus on grower outreach and communications
  • Provide continuing grower education opportunities
  • Continue the annual Grower Education Program in conjunction with the Industry Show and cooperation with UW Extension
  • Reaffirm the commitment and collaboration with the UW and World Wildlife Fund
  • Consider collaborations with other groups to promote the Wisconsin potato and vegetable industry
  • Work with the UW to fill retiring positions in a timely manner
  • Effectively manage issues as they arise

Processor Relations Committee-Frozen

Chairman, Jeff Sommers – Wysocki Produce