Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Every one of our Healthy Grown farms is certified by an independent oversight organization. They ensure our Healthy Grown growers pass annual whole-farm audits, and that all our packers and shippers maintain the highest sustainability standards.


About Healthy Grown®

Two-thirds of U.S. land is privately-owned — and the majority of that land is used for agriculture. So we understand that what we do on our farms impacts the world around us.

That’s why, in the early 90’s, the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison began looking at ways to advance the industry’s conservation and sustainability standards. In 1996, WPVGA partnered with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and later joined forces with the International Crane Foundation (ICF), and the Defenders of Wildlife to establish the Wisconsin Eco-Potato partnership. The result was a new brand launched in 2002 and a sustainable standard for growing potatoes — Healthy Grown®.

Our Healthy Grown sustainable farmers work with ecologists, conservationists and University of Wisconsin researchers to:

  • Utilize and find better, less-invasive ways to manage pests and invasive plants
  • Restore natural ecosystems
  • Prevent erosion
  • Support native plants and animals
  • Conserve quality water
  • Improve potato production

In 2016, the program expanded and began applying the Healthy Grown standard to onions. Discussions are ongoing to broaden the program further and include additional crops in the near future.

For additional information on the program’s background, details on standard and implementation as well as updates, take a look at the following videos:

Healthy Grown Partners








Additional Resources

Healthy Grown Natural Community Standards-part 1

Healthy Grown Natural Community Standards-part 1

Healthy Grown Natural Community Standards-part 2

Healthy Grown Natural Community Standards-part 2


Healthy Grown Brochure

Healthy Grown Brochure



Wisconsin Water Stewards

Wisconsin Water Stewards

Potato Sustainability in Wisconsin-short

Potato Sustainability in Wisconsin-short


Potato Sustainability in Wisconsin

Potato Sustainability in Wisconsin

WPVGA Awarded 2015 Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grant

WPVGA is embarking on a new opportunity as it relates to the Healthy Grown program thanks to the award of a Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin Grant from DATCP.

The grant is a natural fit for the Healthy Grown program, which helps set Wisconsin apart as the “leader in sustainable potato production.” Established nearly two decades ago, the program utilizes growing practices that are beneficial for Mother Nature and are also ecologically sound. The approved grant focuses on three main goals for WPVGA to achieve over the course of the next year. Those goals include expanding the distribution of Healthy Grown growers, increasing Healthy Grown potato acreage, and increasing the sales volume of Healthy Grown potatoes sold in local Wisconsin communities.

There are also several growers who have decided to join the Healthy Grown program this year, which has helped the Association accomplish the first goal of the project. From here, the intent is to work with as many retail chains as possible to expand the program even further. It’s through in-store promotions in various markets across the state, in combination with Spudmobile appearances that a boost in sales will occur. Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown suppliers will also play a vital role in communicating the importance of retailers advertising the product while also featuring WPVGA-provided materials such as quarter-sized bins and kwik lok tags that sport information about Healthy Grown.

Overall, the Buy Local, Buy Wisconsin program exists to help farmers expand their markets. There are significant opportunities to accomplish this through the Healthy Grown initiative, especially when it comes to ecologically-grown potatoes and rotational crops, which provides benefits for the entire food value chain. WPVGA has already received extensive support from state, national and international organizations to see this project through to fruition during the grant time period and beyond.

It’s a program that has been and continues to be ahead of its time given the sustainability standards that are required and constantly improving. It’s also one that will continue to advance Wisconsin as well as the potato industry, while also encouraging consumers to buy local, and buy Wisconsin.

Healthy Grown POP Materials

FINAL Half Bin 2_new art

Healthy Grown Quarter-sized Bin

  • Quarter-sized bin with information about Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown program and its benefits, as well as the nutritional benefits potatoes naturally provide. Printed on four sides, the opportunities for in-store placement and cross promotion are endless!
  • Contact your potato supplier to order.


MC150620_HealthyGrown PFM Final

Healthy Grown Kwik Lok Tags

  • Convenient for retailers and growers, Healthy Grown Kwik Lok tags communicate the Healthy Grown product on the bag without requiring retail stores to add another SKU.
  • Contact your potato supplier to order.

Healthy Grown Shippers

Alsum Farms & Produce, Inc.

Address: N9083 County Hwy. EF, PO Box 188, Friesland, WI 53935
Phone: 920-348-5127 or 800-236-5127 Fax: 920-348-5174
Website: www.alsum.com
Contact: Larry Alsum, President & CEO, larry.alsum@alsum.com
Heidi Alsum-Randall, National Sales & Marketing Manager,
Shipping Season: Year-round
Varieties: Russet, Red, White, Gold, Purple, Fingerling & Organic potatoes, Onions, Sweet potatoes, Value-Added produce
Volume (loads): 5,300
Brands: Alsum, Alsum Organics, Fast & Fresh!, Family Favorite, Rainbow Organics, Healthy Grown, Private Labels
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes
Third-Party Certification(s): PrimusGFS, USDA Harmonized GAP, MOSA-Certified Organic, Third Party Healthy Grown Certified
Red Book or Blue Book Credit Rating: Red Book: A****I, RBCS Business Character Award 

Blue Book: 500M XXXX (40) B


Coloma Farms, Inc.

Address: W14453 State Road 21, PO Box 137, Coloma, WI 54930
Phone: 715-228-3031 Fax: 715-228-4455
Website: Coloma Farms, Inc. on Facebook
Contact: Andy Diercks, andy.colomafarms@gmail.com
Shipping Season: August – December
Varieties: Russets, Reds, Whites, Yellows
Volume (loads): 200 – 400
Brands: Healthy Grown, Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin Food Hub
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes
Third-Party Certification(s): USDA Harmonized GAP & GHP, PrimusGFS (Field and Harvest)
Red Book or Blue Book Credit Rating: **** BCA

Gary Bula Farms, Inc.

Address: 535 Elk Avenue, Oxford, WI 53952; PO Box 9, Grand Marsh, WI 53936
Phone: 608-339-2083 Fax: 608-339-9211
Contact: Gary Bula, Lynda Bula, tater@maqs.net
Shipping Season: August – February
Varieties: Fresh, Process, Chip Potatoes
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes

Third-Party Certification(s): Harmonized GAP

Gumz Farms

Address: N570 6th Court, Endeavor, WI 53930
Phone: 608-981-2488 Fax: 608-981-2646
Website: gumzfarmswi.com
Contact: Tom Bulgrin, Potato Sales, tom@gumzfarmswi.com; Doug Bulgrin, Onion Sales, doug@gumzfarmswi.com
Shipping Season: Year-round
Varieties: Reds, Yellows, Onions
Volume (loads): 1,000
Brands: Richard’s Finest, Gumz Farms, Best Buy
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes
Third-Party Certification(s): Harmonized GAP, Primus GFS
Red Book or Blue Book Credit Rating: In Blue Book (not rated)

Okray Family Farms, Inc.

Address: 3001 River Drive, PO Box 489, Plover, WI 54467
Phone: 715-344-2526 Fax: 715-344-7324
Website: www.okray.com
Contact: Dick Okray, dick@okray.com
Shipping Season: Year-round
Varieties: Russets, Reds, Yellows
Volume (loads): 4,000/year
Brands: Okray
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes
Third-Party Certification(s): GFS Audits (packing house and ranch)
Red Book or Blue Book Credit Rating: 1000M XXXB 946

RPE, Inc.

Address: 8550 Central Sands Road, PO Box 330, Bancroft, WI 54921
Phone: 715-335-8050 Fax: 715-335-8051
Website: RPEspud.com
Contact: Greg Zdroik, greg.zdroik@rpespud.com
Shipping Season: Year-round
Varieties: Russet, Fingerlings, Reds, Yellows, Sweet Potatoes, Baby and Specialty Variety Potatoes
Volume (loads): 25,000
Brands: Old Oak Farms, Biggins, Tasteful Selections, Oddball Organics
Certified Healthy Grown Shipper: Yes
Third-Party Certification(s): PrimusGFS, MOSA – Certified Broker of Organic Vegetables, Third Party Healthy Grown Certified
Red Book or Blue Book Credit Rating: Red Book: A****I,
Blue Book: 50M XXXX (40) (46) B