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Interview with Bobby Woyak

Winning the McCain Foods Plover Factory’s Top Bruise Free Award
in the field direct (incontracts) category for the second consecutive year was Woyak Farms, Inc. of Bancroft. The award presented in March 2007 was for crop year 2005. Woyak Farms also won McCain Bruise Free awards in 2004, 2000, and 1999, while being named the Top Grower 2nd Runner Up in 2003.

Owned and operated by Gerald (Bob) and his son, Bobby, the Woyaks farm in cooperation with Taterland Farms (owned and operated by Bobby’s brother, Gary) and Glen C. Harris (owned and operated by Chuck Harris). The farms work together on the harvest operation each fall, with Gary running the harvester, Chuck Harris operating the windrower, and Bobby and Bob Seager driving trucks under the harvester. Three other individuals run the bulk trucks to McCain Foods throughout the 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 weeks of harvest. Combined, the farms harvest some 370 acres of potatoes for McCain on an “in-contract,” supplying
approximately 165,000 cwt. Bobby says the harvester digs eight rows at a time, and they harvest an average of 25-30 acres a day. His yields have been averaging 450-520 bags to the acre.

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