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EPA Registration Review of Oxamyl

Below is a questionnaire regarding the use of Oxamyl (Vydate). EPA as a part of the Registration Review process has proposed label changes that will significantly impact the use patterns for Oxamyl. To prepare for filing industry comments by December 8, 2018 we need to obtain input from growers on a series of questions related to the use of Oxamyl on potatoes. Please circulate this questionnaire to growers in your state or production area. Grower feedback is essential to drafting a strong response to EPA.

As a side note EPA seems very focused on the use patterns in the PNW due to the volume of Oxamyl used in that area. So it goes without saying that we need a strong response from growers in the PNW. But it also indicates that EPA does not understand the value of Oxamyl in other growing regions. So growers from outside the PNW also need to provide strong responses.

Closer to the comment deadline on December 8, 2018 we will provide you with an analysis of the responses we receive and information you will need to file grower and association letters with EPA.

You have likely received much of this information from the registrant. We are working closely with them to develop strong responses to the EPOA proposal.

John Keeling
Executive VP and CEO

Oxamyl Grower Questions

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