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Healthy Grown Materials Ready to Hit Retail Stores Near You

Wisconsin’s Healthy Grown Program is approaching a higher level as the Badger State’s potatoes hit markets this Fall. And with this higher level comes increased visibility in retail stores through creative means like Kwik Lok tags, quarter-sized bins, and brochures each sporting the message of Healthy Grown.

The kwik lok tags are a smaller PFM size and therefore, convenient for anyone with kwik lok tag application equipment. They contain the “Good for you, Good for the environment” Healthy Grown logo as well as a link to more information on WPVGA’s trade website: http://wisconsinpotatoes.com/healthy-grown/.  They’re a great solution for retail stores as they don’t require stores to add another SKU and they easily help consumers recognize the quality Wisconsin product they are purchasing.

MC150620_HealthyGrown PFM Final
In addition to the kwik lok tags, WPVGA has created quarter-sized Healthy Grown bins. One façade of the bin shows potatoes being harvested in a field with highlights of the Healthy Grown program. The other façade encourages consumers to purchase Healthy Grown Wisconsin potatoes while also communicating the nutritional benefits potatoes naturally provide, all next to an image of a delicious prepared potato dish. Who wouldn’t want to buy Wisconsin potatoes after all these advantages?

Healthy Grown Quarter Sized Bin FINAL September 2015
Brochures are also available as an educational tool for consumers and retail stores about the Healthy Grown program, what it entails and the growers/shippers who are involved, and why you just can’t go wrong with getting involved!

Several new retailers are coming on board with the above opportunities this year, specifically for Healthy Grown. They are Kwik Trip, Piggly Wiggly and Roundy’s stores, while other retailers are interested and continue to learn more.

This is an exciting time for the Healthy Grown Program given the award of the Buy Local Buy Wisconsin grant from DATCP and the above successes helping to increase the market share of the Healthy Grown product.

If you are interested in any of the Healthy Grown materials, please contact WPVGA at 715-623-7683.

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