Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Message from PMA Vice President Richard Owen

We know you’re fielding a lot of information from national and state/regional governments. In the United States, the government has determined that food and agricultural workers, along with food and agricultural supplies, are part of Critical Infrastructure Industries. Their work and these supplies are vital to security, national economic security, national public health, or safety.

To help you and your employees prove that they are vital and are allowed to travel within the United States, despite other travel bans, PMA has provided you this certificate that your employees can carry with them as they travel on food/ag business. We also offer this certificate about transporting food/ag supplies.

PMA is here to support you during this uncertain and difficult times. Call on us – we want to help.

All the best,

Richard Owen
Vice President, Global Membership & Engagement
Produce Marketing Association
PO Box 6036, Newark, DE 19714
+1 (302) 607-2132
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