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New ‘Focus on Potato’ Webcast Addresses Fungicide Resistance

Broad-spectrum fungicides have historically been the primary modes of action managing Early Blight and Brown Spot, two significant fungal diseases of potato caused by Alternaria pathogens.

More recently, growers have been using narrow spectrum fungicides in their rotations to ease environmental concerns and minimize the effects of chemical residue.

No matter the mode of action, measures to mitigate fungicide resistance should be considered, particularly when applied and repeatedly used on a single site.

This is the premise behind the latest Focus on Potato webcast, titled “Best Management Tactics and Fungicide Resistance in Early Blight and Brown Spot.”

Through this talk by Dr. Lydia Tymon, plant pathology expert at Washington State University, consultants, growers, and other experts in the potato industry will learn best-management practices in early blight on potato and brown spot.

Among other important information, this webcast covers:

  • The basics of fungicides and the development of fungicide resistance
  • Comparisons of pathogenicity and aggressiveness between the early blight pathogen, Alternaria solani, and the brown spot pathogen, Alternaria alternata
  • Best management tactics for early blight

This 10-minute presentation is open access through August 31, 2015.

View other presentations in the Focus on Potato resource at www.plantmanagementnetwork.org/fop.

Webcasts on a variety of other crops can be found in PMN’s Education Center.

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