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NPC News: NPC Supports Coalition on Key Trade Program

This week, NPC joined 46 other agricultural organizations in signing a letter to the leadership of the Farm Bill conference supporting full funding of the Technical Assistance for Specialty Crops (TASC) program.

“As you work to resolve differences between the two versions of H.R. 2, we respectfully request that the Senate’s language on TASC prevail in any final conference report.  The Senate’s provision on TASC seeks to maintain full funding for the program and encourage the Department of Agriculture to eliminate bureaucratic impediments to these vital trade resources.”

TASC is a vital program for resolving specialty crop trade issues.  The potato industry has utilized it in key markets around the world and currently it is the foundation of work we are doing to open the Mexican market to fresh potatoes from the U.S.

“The Senate is intent on keeping full funding for TASC and ensuring the program runs efficiently.  We’re strongly urging all sides to take this common-sense approach,” said Kam Quarles, NPC Vice President of Public Policy.

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