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Spuds in the Spotlight: Nutrition in the News

One of the Long Range Goals of the USPB is to present a favorable image of potatoes to the public. In recent weeks, potato nutrition accolades have made headlines everywhere from Today’s Dietitian to Forbes. Here’s a sampling of the latest media coverage highlights:

  • Care2.com emphasized the potassium, fiber and vitamin C content of potatoes in an article titled “10 ‘Unhealthy’ Foods That Are Better Than You Might Think.”
  • Today’s Dietitian highlighted the versatility of potatoes in an August article titled “Top 10 High-Fiber Foods.”
  • Shape.com featured delicious and “Healthy Potato Salad Recipes…” in an article by longtime FOP (friend of potatoes), Toby Amidor.
  • Forbes.com shined the light on the vitamin C and antioxidant content of blue/purple and red potatoes in an article titled “Top 15 Foods To Eliminate Stress.”
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