Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Have you Voted yet? Potatoes USA Elections Underway in Wisconsin

WPVGA is conducting elections for 4 seats on the Potatoes USA board representing Wisconsin for the upcoming term, to begin March 2017-March 2020.

If you are a potato-growing organization in Wisconsin, you should have received a ballot in the mail.

You may also vote here by:

Voting Procedure:

  1. One ballot per farm
  2. Each farm may choose 4 candidates and may vote only once.

To follow is the list of current Wisconsin Potatoes USA Representatives.

  • Mark Finnessy, Okray Family Farms (Incumbent)
  • Eric Schroeder, Schroeder Bros. Farms (Incumbent)
  • Heidi Randall, Alsum Farms (1st term not yet complete)

Potatoes USA Board representatives are able to serve two consecutive 3-year terms. In this election period, Wisconsin is looking for 2 nominees. Both Mark Finnessy and Eric Schroeder have completed their first 3-term and are running for a second. Rick Kanter’s second term is complete and Adam Bula is not running for a second term. Heidi Randall’s first term will be complete in 2017.

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