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LPRCP Vision Continues


Village of Plover Participation (Article Two of the ongoing LPRCP series) By Ruth Faivre Strategizing with all stakeholders involved is what Dan Mahoney, Village of Plover, Village Administrator, does on a daily basis. The last several years, Mahoney and the Village of Plover worked closely with a number of area growers, processors and agricultural interests […]

Sharing the Vision: Little Plover River Conservancy Project


Little Plover River Conservancy Project Unites All Stakeholders By Ruth Faivre, Managing Editor Working together, Wisconsin’s citizens can solve the most complex problems even when they involve a number of diverse sectors such as Wisconsin’s base of potato and vegetable growers, other agricultural interests and associations, government entities, businesses, environmental groups, conservationists, universities, hunting and […]

Water is the Most Precious Resource for Wisconsin’s Potato and Vegetable Growers

Water use is a critical issue in central Wisconsin, and the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA), as well as its grower members are committed to the judicious use of this most precious resource. WPVGA formed The Water Task Force in 2009 to bring together resources and expertise to foster the sustainable use of […]

Farm Perspectives – Produce Traceability Initiative

  Many years ago there was a connection between the consumer and the farmer and that connection created a level of trust.  Before the days of large national retailers local produce was a way of life and it was likely that you knew the farmer that grew the food that was being sold at your […]

Farm Perspectives – Produce Traceability for Beginners

When people refer to the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), they are talking about the guidelines set for all produce companies to achieve case-level electronic traceability for their fresh produce. Case-level electronic traceability means an individual case of produce can be traced back to its packaging location, grower and more just by scanning a barcode. The […]