Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

Interview with Rick Beggs

Rick Beggs of REB’L Acres, Plainfield, was elected to the WPVGA Board of Directors in February of 2006. Beggs grew up on his family’s dairy farm, and milked 40 cows of his own for one year, before deciding that wasn’t for him. He grew field corn and hay before getting involved in potato and vegetable production.

Rick’s first potato contract was with Basic American Foods in the early
1980s. He later grew processing potatoes for Ore-Ida Foods, Inc., and now is
a process grower for McCain Foods, USA, raising 205 acres of Russet Burbanks. He also has 35 fresh acres of Goldrush. Beggs also has processing vegetable contracts, raising 240 acres of snap beans, 70 acres of peas and 60 acres of sweet corn, in addition to 90 acres of field corn.

Interview with Rick Beggs.

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