Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association

2018 Food Safety Training Dates Set

In an effort to help growers stay ahead of the curve and up to date with current requirements, WPVGA will once again be offering food safety training in March 2018.

To follow is a description of the classes that will be part of this year’s training. Please take into consideration that while WPVGA will continue offering some form of food safety training regularly in the future, the same classes listed below will not necessarily be offered every year from here on out. Therefore, if you need a certificate or an updated certificate for any of the below classes, please complete that class/those classes now through WPVGA in 2018.

Please read the below descriptions thoroughly and carefully before registering.

  • Preventive Controls (PCQI):
    • Dates: March 6,7 and 8th (This is a required 2.5 day course)
    • Preventive Controls, or PCQI, is a requirement of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) for organizations that pack/wash product from their own farms as well as other growers. If registered for this class, you are required to come each day to receive your certificate.
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP):
    • Dates: March 13 and 14 (This is a required 2-day training)
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, or HACCP, is a requirement for packing houses/ wash plants. HACCP is currently a requirement under the PrimusGFS audit scheme released August 2017 (v2.1-2c). While the new version of PrimusGFS (v3) is currently being reviewed and has not yet been released, there is a stipulation in it that requires organizations to have an updated HACCP certificate every 5 years, unless someone from the organization holds a PCQI certificate within that timeframe. However, at the time of your audit, you will still be required to show your HACCP certificate (even if greater than 5 years) in addition to your current PCQI certificate. If you are in need of a HACCP certificate, or an updated one, make sure you register for this class in 2018 as it may not be offered every year. If registered for this class, you are required to come each day to receive your certificate.
  • PrimusGFS (Updates included in version 3 only):
    • Date: March 15th
    • As is stated above, the new version of PrimusGFS (v3) is still being reviewed and may not be released until June 2018 or later. That said, WPVGA will offer the PrimusGFS class on the updates/information to version 3 known to date. NOTE: As PrimusGFS (v3) has not yet been released, the information provided in this class is subject to change between the date of the class and the time the version is released. Should this be the case, WPVGA will host a conference call and/or webinar with the trainer after the version 3 is released to update the industry on any and all changes that have occurred.
  • Produce Safety:
    • Dates: March 21st
    • Produce Safety is also a requirement of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). If growers only pack their own product, they fall under the Produce Safety rule. While potatoes are exempt under Produce Safety, keep in mind that growers still need to follow good agricultural practices, and Produce Safety follows good agricultural practices.

Locations and times for the above classes will be communicated at a later date. Registration will be available at the 2018 Grower Education Conference registration table. You may also contact Dana Rady at 715-623-7683 or [email protected] direct to register or with any questions.

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