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Ireland and Scotland: Agriculture Study Tour Specializing in Potatoes

At the request of Washington State potato growers Anglatin organized a special potato tour to Ireland and Scotland. Don McMoran, Washington State University Extension professor, and Frederick J. Smith, PhD, Oregon State University Professor emeritus, will be leading the group. Grower members, industry folks and colleagues are invited to join us!

The study tour includes 12 full days of discovery, learning, fun and visits to potato farms, vegetable farms, packing houses, distribution centers, research stations and growers cooperatives. We’ll learn about potato, fruit and grain production, processing and marketing. We will interview growers, processors, experts and folks who love farming. Also included is a good sampling of Irish and Scottish culture, history, cuisine and scenery.

The tour is scheduled for June 27 to July 8, 2016. This will give us time to arrange for your active participation in the tour and more opportunity for grower members to enroll.

Please review the attached itinerary and contact Frederick J. Smith, ([email protected]) Vice President of Anglatin Ltd., if you have interest in participating.

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