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Interview with Nick Somers

Nick Somers
Nick Somers
Nick Somers

By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor

From the very beginning, farming has been a family affair for Nick Somers of Plover River Farms, Inc. Having lived on a farm since he was five months old, it is “in his blood,” as they say. He has devoted his entire life to potato and vegetable growing, and has been a steadfast advocate for the industry.

Nick is a recognized and unwavering voice behind such practices as sustainable and eco-friendly farming, as well as the Wisconsin Healthy Grown program, including prairie restoration and organic farming on portions of his own land.

From his lists (see bio) of organizational activities, board positions, and awards and honors, what’s been obvious to his fellow growers for many years also becomes apparent to anyone paying attention—Nick has spent a lifetime invested in and devoted to the potato and vegetable growing industry.

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