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Interview with Jim Kennedy

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Farm manager for Guenthner Potato Company, Jim Kennedy, shown standing in front of a Lockwood AirHarvester, says he enjoys all aspects of the growing season, from planting to watching the crop mature and taking it all the way through harvest.

Jim Kennedy was with Frito-Lay for eight years, and when Bob Guenthner of Guenthner Potato Company interviewed him for a farm manager position, Bob says he knew Jim was the one.

The Guenthner Potato Company was founded in 1926 by Joseph Sebastian Guenthner. Joseph and Lily Guenthner had four children.

Of their four children, Julius Guenthner became district attorney of Langlade County; Harvey Guenthner and his wife, Jeanette, formed their own company and grew potatoes; Margaret Guenthner and her husband, Oscar Wendt, formed another potato growing operation; and Joseph Frank Guenthner and his wife, Carol, grew potatoes and incorporated Guenthner Potato Company, Inc.

Joseph and Carol’s son, Robert “Bob” Joseph, owns the Guenthner Potato Company certified seed farm today.

Bob and his wife, Cheri, are very excited that Jim [Kennedy] has been the perfect addition to their operations.

In fact, Bob defers to his farm manager, Jim, for the following interview.

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