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Interview with Steve Boehm

Steve Boehm, corporate sales manager, Riesterer & Schnell

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Steve Boehm, corporate sales manager for Riesterer & Schnell, stands in front of a John Deere 5100E Four-wheel-drive utility tractor from the 5E series. Boehm says John Deere’s business ethics align with Riesterer & Schnell’s, which has made the partnership strong.

Brothers Frank and John Riesterer and their fishing companion, Henry Schnell, opened a filling station in Chilton, Wisconsin, in 1931, expanding to milk handling, a car dealership, and in 1939, entering the farm business.

Fast forward to today, and Corporate Sales Manager Steve Boehm says the fact that Riesterer & Schnell is, “the premier John Deere dealer for northeastern, eastern and central Wisconsin, with 14 locations, is incredible.”

When Riesterer & Schnell started out as a small family-and-friend business, it had strong roots in the community. Boehm says, no different than it was in 1931, the business remains not only about customer service, but in always striving to be the best.

“I feel this is instilled in all the employees when they are hired, and this history of Riesterer & Schnell is something we are all proud of,” Boehm remarks.

“Anyone can start a business,” he adds, “but to grow and thrive through good times and bad requires a lot more than just showing up for work every day. I feel we all try to live the ‘coming through for you’ motto each day.”

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