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Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes

Column by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

The history of how the recipe came to be and the woman behind it are as delectable as the dish
Favorite family recipe shared by Lisa O. O’Flyng, Ruder Ware

Hello, readers. I am thrilled to share a special recipe from Lisa O. O’Flyng. Lisa is the marketing director for Ruder Ware law firm, an Associate Division member company of the Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association.

Lisa is a fellow “kitchen mechanic” who has graciously shared all the details for a family favorite potato dish, passed down by a great aunt who was quite a forward thinker and trendsetter!

I hope you enjoy reading about the history of how this recipe came to be and the woman behind it as much as I did. I also hope you give this fabulous recipe a try in your own kitchen. I’ve promised my crew that these Refrigerator Mashed Potatoes will be gracing our table at an upcoming family gathering.

Without further ado, here are the story and recipe from Lisa:

“For so many of us, holidays are filled with memories, and what better way to relive those memories and honor our loved ones than through food?” Lisa proposes. “This recipe is one that has been passed down for three generations—it never disappoints. The recipe creator was my mother-in-law’s aunt, Olga Plishonig Schley (or Aunt Olga as we know her).

“She grew up as a fiercely independent farm girl near West Bend, Wisconsin. When World War II broke out, she joined the Navy’s new Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services (WAVES).”

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