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Soft, Crumbly Parmesan Potato Rolls are Worth the Time!

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

Soft and slightly crumbly, Parmesan Potato Rolls are worth the time investment!

If you are new to baking breads, I encourage you to give these rolls a try.

The most intimidating part about bread seems to be the yeast. Really, there is no secret process here. Just remember that you need warm water to activate your yeast.

Ideally, a water temperature between 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit (F) is ideal. Too cold, and you will be left with yeast too sleepy to raise your bread, and water too hot will kill your yeast and leave you with a flat, dry bread.

If you want to be sure you have the correct water temperature to proof your yeast, a thermometer comes in handy.


You are welcome to boil up some Wisconsin russet potatoes and mash them for this recipe, but I prefer to use boxed instant dehydrated potato flakes. The instant potatoes give the rolls a softer texture and there is no worry over trying to whip up creamy, plain mashed potatoes without the added milk or butter.

You simply mix the instant potato flakes with hot water and you’re ready to go.

There is no kneading involved or fancy equipment required for this recipe, just some basic ingredients and a bit of patience while your dough rises.

In the end, you will have soft, buttery, browned dinner rolls that will not disappoint!

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