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What’s the Role of a Farm Manager?

Farm Managers
Farm Managers
The full-time crew at Baginski Farms Inc. in Antigo, Wisconsin, includes, from left to right, Cory Chrudimsky, Tyler Knutsen, Jeff Sinkler, Mike Baginski, Jerry Marvin and Charlie Husnick. Charlie says that Mike has done a great job at forming a reliable team around him who try to do more with less people.

It takes trust and confidence to place one special person in charge of managing operations

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Jeff Suchon, farm manager of Bushman’s Riverside Ranch in Crivitz, Wisconsin, views his position as if he were a member of the Bushman family. “I take pride in my role and my work on the farm,” he says.

“I personally plant, spray and dig the potatoes,” Suchon relates. “I also meet with customers, sell the seed and oversee all aspects of the farm, including managing the employees.”

That’s a lot of faith to place in one person working for a potato and vegetable grower. “I try to run the operation smoothly and make it problem free for them [Jon and John E. Bushman],” he says.

Suchon has seven full-time employees working for him, and his wife, Sandy, hires an additional 15-20 seasonal workers during planting and harvest.

“I look forward each day to working with the employees and owners. I also love being part of the customers’ success with their businesses when using our seed potatoes,” Suchon remarks.

Bushman’s Riverside Ranch has been in Crivitz for 36 years and Suchon has been the farm manager for 34 of them. “It is moving on to the second generation for both the owner and manager,” he explains.

“Hopefully my son will be the next manager at this location. I’ve enjoyed each minute of working on this farm and raising my family here,” Suchon concludes, “and now I enjoy bringing the grandchildren around.”

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