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Zucchini Roll-Ups Stuffed with Spinach Potato Filling

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Happy New Year! With the indulgence of the holidays behind us, and as we settle fully into 2018, we’re due for a healthier potato option … don’t ya think?

And healthy does not mean boring!

I’ll prove it to you with these zucchini roll-ups, with spinach potato filling, no less. They’re filled with creamy seasoned mashed potatoes and good-for-you spinach.

I prefer full-fat cheeses when cooking here at the Carter house, but you could easily swap in low-fat ricotta cheese and mozzarella to create an even healthier version of your own.

This recipe is meatless, and my husband was not exactly thrilled when he sat down at the dinner table and heard my announcement that we were going to be vegetarians for the evening.

He was very gracious, however, and ate without much grumbling. And, after a couple of bites he complimented the meal despite it consisting primarily of veggies!

If you’re planning to serve the spinach-potato-stuffed zucchini roll-ups to someone who thinks that a meal is not a meal without a chunk of protein on their plate, I suggest baking some chicken breasts seasoned with Italian spices to serve alongside the roll-ups.

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