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Potato Chip Potatoes
Ali Carter
Ali Carter
Alicia Pavelski
Alicia Pavelski

Potato Chip Potatoes

Column & Photos by Ali Carter, WPVGA Auxiliary Member
Recipe instructions written by Alicia Pavelski, Guest Chef

Recently Mike and I were invited to the home of Jeremie and Alicia Pavelski to enjoy an evening of conversation, laughter, and a good meal.

Jeremie and Alicia are one of the most welcoming young couples you will ever hope to meet. If you do not yet know these two, I encourage you to seek them out at one of the next potato events.

Jeremie is good-natured and shares his knowledge with a jovial sense of humor and Alicia is truly beautiful inside and out.

And…these two are pretty talented in the kitchen!

They prepared for us a wonderful meal, which included a side dish called Potato Chip Potatoes.

Alicia shared a bit about this dish, “I found this recipe a few years ago when I became a potato grower’s wife and started working at Heartland Farms.

I have made a few tweaks over the years to the recipe and it is always a hit. I love the simple ingredients and how much flavor is packed into each bite.

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