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Ali’s Kitchen

Ali's Kitchen February 2016
Ali Carter

Garlic Potato Noodles

Column & Photos by Ali Carter, WPVGA Auxiliary Member

The potato is one of the culinary world’s most versatile and humble (in a very good way) little veggies.

The simplicity and flexibility of potatoes are what I love most about this tuber. Those characteristics saved the day for me and I will admit to you that this month’s recipe came about out of a little bit of desperation and a huge lack of time with an end result of deliciousness.

I had intended to create a beef stew with potato dumplings this month. However, life does not always go as planned and occasionally a well thought out meal ends up inedible and not photogenic.

Unexpectedly, while cooking up what I thought would be a fabulous dinner for my family, I found myself with camera issues, an unavailable photographer, multiple interruptions while cooking and finally, dumplings with the texture of paste.

Additionally, I seasoned them with far too much nutmeg, as my daughter so kindly announced.

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