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Ali’s Kitchen

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

Taco Tots – Tater Tots Dressed to Taste Like Tacos!

Column & Photos by Ali Carter, Vice President, WPGA

Who doesn’t love tater tots?

They are a basic comfort food that brings back childhood memories for many, and today I am sharing with you a recipe that adds a bit of a delicious twist to these classic puffs of potato. And I’m tickled to tell you that this is a recipe my teenage daughter created and has been making, without any assistance from me, for the past three years.

Since its creation at our home, we’ve noticed that similar recipes are popping up and it seems that just maybe we don’t have quite the unique recipe we initially thought we had. This knowledge hasn’t taken the wind out of my daughter’s sails one little bit; she’s a whiz kid in the kitchen and simply thrives on her time there (her dream is to be a chef one day and own her own restaurant).

Best of all, she enjoys sharing the kitchen with me and her siblings while we all cook together. It’s wonderful family time that I cherish.

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