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Ali’s Kitchen

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Vice President, WPGA Auxiliary

My husband doesn’t consider soup a “meal.” To him a bowl of soup is more like a side dish, or an appetizer before the real meal is enjoyed.

I, on the other hand, think that there is nothing better than a big bowl of steaming hot soup for dinner on a winter’s day.

Because of our soup differences, I do not make it all that often unless I plan to serve the soup alongside something that Mike will consider to be more fitting of a dinner. Mike is typically not a picky eater and is quite complimentary about my cooking, so I indulge him in his mistaken opinion of soup.
However, while Mike is away on his work travels and I find myself husband-less, I tend to indulge in my desire to create a big pot of soup.


This is exactly the situation I found myself in recently. I had little creamy yellow potatoes in our pantry, spicy pork sausage in the fridge, and bitterly cold winds blowing against my window panes. This was all the inspiration I needed, and an hour later I found myself cuddled up on the couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of soup in my hands.

This soup is comforting and hearty while being full of veggies and good-for-you ingredients. I have made versions of this soup many times over the years and the kids and I love it. Occasionally I’ll use kale instead of spinach or toss in some diced sweet potato rather than carrots. It all depends on what we have access to.

Today I am sharing this recipe using coconut milk as the “cream,” and honestly I prefer this soup that way. But I have prepared it in the past using 2 percent milk or with heavy whipping cream (remember, it’s ok to veer from a recipe … that’s the fun of cooking!).

Go with what your tastes dictate, but if you haven’t tried coconut milk, I hope you do not shy away from using it in this recipe. You may be pleasantly surprised at the light creamy feel it offers your soup.

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