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Greek Cinnamon Potatoes

Greek Cinnamon Potatoes

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

Two things you might find interesting this month: One, I typically turn up my nose at savory foods that are mixed with sweet things such as fruit or sweet spices; and two, our oven went kaput, and we have been living for months without the ability to cook with it.

I mention the oven in hopes that you will find me both inspiring and deserving of sympathy.

Going months without a usable kitchen oven is not an easy task for a woman who shows her love for people with food. Nor is it fun for a family that lists cooking and baking as one of their favorite group activities.

Now for the inspirational part. I’ve had a blast experimenting with all my kitchen gadgets! Did you know that a cast iron Dutch oven over an open fire in the backyard bakes up some surprisingly incredible bread? I likely would not have learned this had our kitchen contained a working range.

For today’s recipe, I made use of our small countertop Kitchen Aid oven. This contraption has become the workhouse of our kitchen and is used daily.

It did wonderfully with these roasted potatoes. However, due to size constraints, I still suggest you use an old-fashioned oven to avoid having to roast in batches as I did.

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