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Hash Brown Waffles

Column and Photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

I was recently gifted a mini waffle maker. This fun little kitchen gadget makes the perfect size waffle as a quick lunch for one, and it has been used almost daily since it arrived.

The thing is, though, I’ve yet to make a traditional waffle in it. I’ve been having so much fun creating unusual concoctions that I neglected to see how it does with a fluffy waffle that can be covered in maple syrup.

Instead, I’ve been enjoying making omelets and “Keto Chaffles.” I have no doubt that one weekend soon the traditional waffle will make an appearance.

In the meantime, my focus is currently on hash brown waffles! Hash brown waffles make a fun Sunday morning breakfast but are also perfect for a fast and filling dinner.

The ingredients are straightforward, nothing mysterious or hard to find, and you can be flexible with toppings, making it a good way to use up leftovers.

We’ve enjoyed ours topped with leftover shredded barbecued chicken and diced green onions, chopped brisket with blue cheese crumbles, and most recently topped with a fried egg, a dash of hot sauce, and a sprinkle of sprouts.

My youngest son and I recently made a batch of the hash brown waffles with fried eggs and found that our recipe made six waffles and fed three of us.

Be aware that the number of waffles you end up with will depend on the size of your waffle maker and the amount of hash browns you use for each one.

The beauty of cooking is that, with such a simple and straightforward recipe, you can easily tweak and adjust amounts to suit your needs.

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