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Heartland Farms Embraces Technology & Sustainability

Taking it a step further, the venerable Wisconsin potato operation shares ideas and info

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Jeremie Pavelski, president of Heartland Farms, Inc., poses with his wife, Alicia, in front of a sign for the Farm Operations, Technology and Training Center (FOTTC).

Currently farming approximately 27,000 irrigated acres, Heartland Farms, Inc., of Hancock, Wisconsin, has long been dedicated to sustainability and best management practices in its day-to-day operations and for the long term.

With roots going back to 1873, when the Pavelski family emigrated from Poland and settled in Amherst Junction, the original 80-acre homestead is still farmed by the family.

Heartland Farms produces many varieties of chipping and fresh potatoes, shipping them from August through June of the following year.

Heartland has storage capacity for over 5,500,000 cwt. (hundredweight) and can ship up to 120 truckloads per day!

In addition to potatoes, the farm grows sweet corn, canning peas, green beans and soybeans that are sold to Wisconsin food processors.

With such a sizeable operation, it pays to be technologically advanced and sustainable.

The Badger Common’Tater editor sat down with Heartland Farms President Jeremie Pavelski to get his input on sustainability and technological advances in farming.

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