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Badger Common’Tater April 2017 Issue

Interview with Scott Polzin

Scott Polzin

Scott Polzin

By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor

Founded in 1966 to serve the farming community of Central Wisconsin, North Central Irrigation, Inc. has two stores in Plainfield and Beloit, Wisconsin, and a staff of close to 30 qualified men and women serving customers in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

A fleet of 25 trucks is driven by CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) holders and state-licensed electricians. A Valley® Performance Plus dealer, North Central Irrigation carries center pivots, linear and towable pivots, corner arms and the latest in control and management technology, as well as a complete line of accessories and add-ons.

North Central Irrigation also provides parts and service for all other models of irrigation, including Reinke, Lockwood, Olsen, Pierce and Lindsey.

A service garage near the main office in Plainfield allows the company to repair its own vehicles internally and facilitate their customization. That, in turn, helps to accommodate the unique needs of the service technicians so that they can perform their work more efficiently while in the field.

Owner and President Scott Polzin says, “We know the challenges facing today’s ag industry and have the knowledge and experience to help you solve your irrigation problems. We bring you the commitment, expertise and the finest irrigation products on the market today.”

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