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Interview with Tom Neumiller

Tom Neumiller
Tom Neumiller
Tom Neumiller (left) received this nice plaque from his daughter, Katie Neumiller-Floming (right), on Father’s Day in June 2015. It reads: “And on the 8th Day God Looked Down on His Planned Paradise and Said, ‘I Need a Caretaker,’ so God Made the Farmer.”

By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor

A third-generation potato and vegetable farm, Neumiller Farms, Inc. has its own mission statement. “The mission of our full-service farm is to supply world-class customers with quality agricultural products. We are committed to doing the job right with every crop, every load and every day.”
Fred Neumiller began his family business in Wisconsin. In 1974, the Neumiller family expanded their operation to Hanover, Illinois, located in northwest Illinois. Five years later, land was purchased in Savanna, Illinois, located along the Mississippi River.

The headquarters for the business was then moved to Savanna. The family purchased land in Cordova, Illinois in 1993, and in Erie, Illinois in 1996. In 1998, Tom Neumiller and business partner Paul Sproul, a North Dakota farmer, purchased land in Bath, Illinois, located in central Illinois.

The potatoes grown on Neumiller Farms are for processing, salads and for making potato chips.

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