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Interview with Wes Meddaugh

Wes Meddaugh
Wes Meddaugh
Wes Meddaugh

Wes Meddaugh, Heartland Farms
Newest WPVGA Board Member

By Joe Kertzman, Managing Editor

Those in the potato industry know that multi-generational farms are the norm, not the exception, and few know it better than Heartland Farms, Inc., a fifth-generation irrigated potato and vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin.

The original farm was settled in 1873 by August Pavelski, great grandfather to current CEO Richard Pavelski when he emigrated from Poland.

Incorporated as A.M. Pavelski & Sons, Inc., in 1974, the name Heartland Farms became its successor in 1980 when Richard and Dave Knights partnered.

The original 80-acre farm near Amherst Junction in Portage County is still being farmed. Richard’s son, Jeremie Pavelski, is now the president of Heartland Farms and has been working around the farming operations since he was in middle school.

Jeremie is also a member of the Wisconsin Potatoes & Vegetable Growers Association and the National Potato Council Board of Directors. T.J. Kennedy, current vice president of operations, joined the team in 1988.

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