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Interview with Bryan H. Sheller

Bryan Sheller
Sheller Family
Three generations of Crystal Farm, Inc. family members are, front and center, Dayton Wolsdorf (left) and Bentley Sheller (right); and in the back two rows, left to right, Steve Sheller; Hannah, David and Wyatt (held by Dad) Wolsdorf; Amy and Kaylee (held by Mom) Sheller; Janet Sheller; and Bryan Sheller.

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor

A fear of running out of muck land in Michigan brought Bryan H. Sheller’s grandfather, Herb Sheller, to Montello, Wisconsin, where he began to farm in the 1950s. Herb bought swampland and cleared it for what is now Crystal Farm, Inc.

“My parents, Steve and Janet, currently own the farm and work full-time,” Bryan explains. “My brother-in-law, David, and I are also employed full-time, so I am third generation.”

In all, Crystal Farms, Inc. grows 75 acres of onions and 65 acres of red potatoes for the fresh market. “We sell the onions to Gumz Muck Farms for their consumer packs, and we sell potatoes off the field to Alsum Farms and Produce,” Bryan explains.

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