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Interview with Charlie Mattek

Charlie Mattek

Charlie Mattek, Sixth-Generation Grower, J.W. Mattek & Sons, Inc.

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Charlie Mattek
Charlie Mattek

A sixth-generation family farm that carries on the tradition of providing quality seed potatoes to its customers, J.W. Mattek & Sons Inc. has a strong customer base with friendships formed over many years.

Since the 1800’s, farming has been a way of life for the Mattek family. James W. Mattek operated a dairy and potato business. His sons, Eugene and James J. Mattek, concentrated their efforts on potatoes and were early pioneers in the certified seed program.

In 1960, the farm became incorporated and continued to raise quality foundation and certified seed potatoes.

James J. Mattek’s sons, John, Jim and Joe, currently own and operate the 1,500-acre potato farm on a three-year crop rotation with oats and clover. The Matteks are always looking for new and promising varieties.

“My dad and uncles have brought the farm to where it is now by increasing potato acres over the past 40 years,” Charlie Mattek says.

The future of the Mattek farms looks bright, with the family’s sixth generation fully invested in the certified seed potato operation.

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