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Interview with Jeremie Pavelski

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Jeremie Pavelski

When it comes down to it, Heartland Farms has always been “Farming for the Future.” After all, the fifth-generation potato and vegetable operation in Hancock, Wisconsin, has been family owned since 1873, and prides itself on a dedication to sustainability and best management practices for the long term and in day-to-day operations.

Originally settled by August Pavelski, great grandfather to current CEO Richard Pavelski and great-great grandfather of Jeremie Pavelski, president of the operation, Heartland Farms produces many varieties of chipping and processing potatoes.

Incorporated as A.M. Pavelski & Sons Inc., in 1974, Heartland Farms became the successor, in 1990, when Richard and Dave Knights partnered.

The original 80-acre farm near Amherst Junction in Portage County is still being farmed today.

The first major expansion was in 1994, with the addition of a large rinse plant/load-out facility and state-of-the-art potato storages at the Hancock location.

But as this issue’s interviewee and president of Heartland Farms, Jeremie Pavelski, will explain, that was only the first of many expansions, improvements and technological advancements for the operation.

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