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Interview with Jerry Knutson

Jerry Knutson

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor

Jerry Knutson of Oasis Irrigation in Plainfield, Wisconsin, says he takes pride in having started the business 20 years ago with about 300 Zimmatic systems in the area, and now they number in the thousands.

“My father, Ralph Knutson, started in the irrigation and farm equipment short lines business back around 1970, selling irrigation and specialized short line equipment,” relates Jerry Knutson, president and owner of Oasis Irrigation in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

“He sold Ag-Rain Travelers, Pierce Pivots, Lilliston Rolling Cultivators, Allied Loader Equipment and many other things,” Jerry adds.

In the late 1990’s, while working the family farm, the Knutsons purchased their first Zimmatic irrigation system, bought a second irrigator a year later, and then were offered a chance to purchase the Zimmatic dealer line from Central Sands Irrigation in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

In 2000, they moved the dealership to offices in Almond, and in 2012, Jerry purchased the current location in Plainfield, built the offices and storage facility, and moved in.

“My father was a huge influence in my life,” he says. “I loved getting up with him every day and having a chance to work by his side my entire life. Not many people get to experience that opportunity.”

“Now, at age 53, I have three boys working by my side, and it is a treasure that money just cannot buy, to work with them and inspire them with the love for agriculture, growing crops, and now, getting them involved with the irrigation business, and seeing them assist customers with their needs and issues,” Jerry remarks.

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