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Interview with Larry Adams

March Larry Adams

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Larry Adams grew up on the farm that’s been in his family since 1910. Adams Farms, Inc., in the town of Stockton a few miles outside of Plover, Wisconsin, continues to expand and diversify and is managed by Larry and Lisa.

They’ve been farming the fertile ground in the town of Stockton, Wisconsin, since 1910. Adams Farms, Inc. has been in existence since William W. Adams (originally Adamczak) purchased 65 acres of land, 113 years ago, near 2nd Street just outside of Plover.

William was married to Agnes (Fabisiak), in 1897, and had nine children. By the 1930’s, William and Agnes’s sons, Peter and Henry, were working with their parents on the farm.

Henry married Evelyn (Shulfer), in 1935, and had a son, Gerald. By the 1950’s, Henry farmed about 300 acres and milked 15-20 cows. The farm’s crops back then included 20-40 acres of potatoes, hay, oats, rye, field corn, and a large pickle patch.

Gerald married Janie (Kobishop), in 1957, and had two sons, Tom and Larry. In 1979, Gerald and Henry incorporated the farm, and more land was purchased and rented.

Farming practices changed during the 1980’s and ’90s, and machinery and buildings were added to the farm. Gerald and his son, Larry, who is this issue’s interviewee, increased acres as potatoes were grown for chips and French fries.

Larry married Lisa (Simkowski), in 1992, and they have three children, Shane, Wyatt and Bailey.

Today, the farm continues to expand and diversify and is managed by Larry and Lisa. Between 1,000 and 1,300 irrigated acres are farmed each year in Stockton, with cash crops including potatoes, green beans, sweet corn, peas, and dryland oats, rye, and soybeans.

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