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Interview with Marty Kolpack

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

Offering packaging, equipment, parts, and supplies, ThorPack, LLC was formed, in July 2005, by Richard Thorpe and Marty Kolpack.

“I had worked for another packaging company prior to that and decided it was time to venture out and start a new business, also selling packaging equipment and supplies,” Marty, president of ThorPack, says.

“I knew the industry well, including growers, packers, distributors, brokers, manufacturers and vendors,” he explains. “This is when I approached Richard Thorpe [chief executive officer of ThorPack] with my idea of forming a company.”

Having retired, in early 2005, from his position as chief information officer for a U.S. division of Siemens, Thorpe welcomed the opportunity to continue applying his background and expertise.

“Richard brought a vast amount of knowledge about setting up a structure for business strategy, computer systems, banking formats and assisting in marketing ideas,” Kolpack says.

“Richard and I have complemented each other well throughout the years,” he adds, “both bringing our different talents to make ThorPack a successful company and what it is today.”

Richard and Marty branded the company using their surnames, with ThorPack being an amalgamation of Thorpe and Kolpack.

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