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Interview with Paul Sowinski

Sowinski Farms of Rhinelander, Wisconsin is one of the longest standing suppliers of chip stock potatoes to Frito-Lay. They signed their first contract with Frito in 1955. In 2009, Sowinski Farms received Frito-Lay’s 2009 North Central Region Grower of the Year Award. During the 2009 crop year, they were cited for delivering outstanding quality and the highest solids in Wisconsin, while delivering on their supply commitments at 100% contract compliance.

In addition to the farm in Rhinelander, Sowinski Farms also has an operation in Charleston, Missouri. In 2008 during a 100-year flood record for Missouri, Sowinski Farms was able to deliver great quality to Frito-Lay plants with an average defect of 5% and 17.1% solids. This was an outstanding achievement considering the growing conditions.

Paul Sowinski interview.

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