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Badger Common’Tater December 2020 Issue

Mashed Potato Ravioli

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Ali Carter

Ali Carter

Last month, we decided that the loved ones at my table, so courageously willing to test the concoctions of ingredients I imagine will work well together, can best be called “sensory panelists.”

I proudly wear the label of “kitchen mechanic,” a term Mike’s grandfather had given his grandmother and one Mike now passes on to me. He says the name is due to my ability to use up leftovers in ways that are creative enough for a meal to be appealing two and sometimes three days in a row.

Although this month’s recipe features the use of leftover Rustic Horseradish Root Mash from the November Ali’s Kitchen column, do not let that stop you from giving the ravioli a try!

I have also made these stuffed with buttery mashed potatoes and chives, and I am quite confident that any mashed potato will work wonderfully for the filling in this recipe.

While labor intensive, homemade ravioli is a special way to show love for those around you. Ravioli is a decadent meal to warm you on a chilly winter evening, even if it is made from last night’s leftovers!

For the following, I recommend making your dough and then mixing up the sauce near the end of the hour that the dough needs to rest.

The sauce can sit simmering on low heat while you roll out the rested dough and assemble and boil your raviolis.

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