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Potato Sausage Skillet

Potato Sausage Skillet

Column and photos by Ali Carter, Wisconsin Potato Growers Auxiliary

Ali Carter
Ali Carter

A one pan meal that takes a mere 30 minutes to prepare, requires only a handful of simple ingredients, and is delicious?

Yes, it is possible. And meals like this one are incredibly helpful when you’re feeling crazy hungry, slightly lazy, and want something warm and comforting.

The first time I prepared this recipe, Mike and I found ourselves home alone, no kiddos, no company, just the two of us.

It was bitterly cold outside, the sun had long ago set, the sky was black, and I was looking forward to curling up on the couch under my favorite knit blanket and watching the local news. It was the perfect night to skip the dinner table and enjoy a casual meal in front of the TV.

I walked into the living room and handed Mike his plate. He seemed slightly unsure as he stared at the food in front of him and said, “Huh, there’s a lot going on here.”

“It’s actually a pretty simple recipe, Babe. Take a bite and tell me what you think.” I made my way back to the kitchen to gather my own plate and glass of water, and by the time I found my way to the couch, Mike was finishing his portion and looking for seconds.

“It’s good.”

A man of few words. but that short feedback, coupled with my catching him sneaking a forkful from the skillet before I could pack up the leftovers, tells me that this recipe is a hit!

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