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SpudPro Committee Names New Potato Variety

Lakeview Russet Potatoes

Dual-purpose Lakeview Russet is a remarkable early bulking variety that yields well

Lakeview RussetOn November 10, 2020, the SpudPro Committee named the newest variety, Lakeview Russet, to come out of the University of Wisconsin (UW)-Madison potato breeding program.

The mission of the WPVGA SpudPro Committee is to advance Wisconsin potato breeding lines to variety status by providing foundation seed as a platform for industry review, adoption and commercialization.

The SpudPro committee facilitates production of the initial foundation seed for new potato varieties from the potato breeding program.

Dennis and Adam Bula of Bula Potato Farms, Inc. have been growing W9433-1rus, a dual-purpose russet, meaning suitable for the fresh market and fry use, for four-plus years at the farm in Post Lake, and thus the new name, Lakeview Russet.

Bred from parent varieties Cal White and A96023-6, Lakeview Russet exhibits early emergence with vigorous vines and numerous white blossoms, according to Dennis, who says it sets a moderate number of tubers (approximately 7-10 per plant).

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