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Badger Common’Tater February 2024 Issue

Potato Flake & Flour Plant Operating in Central Wisconsin

Top Tier Ingredients facility built by Pavelski family to meet growing customer needs.

By Joe Kertzman, managing editor, Badger Common’Tater

With knowledge and experience in the potato business dating back five generations, the Pavelski family of Heartland Farms, in Hancock, Wisconsin, is using that experience to improve its operations.

Top Tier Ingredients, LLC is a potato flake and flour manufacturing facility centrally located in Hancock, and integrates the newest sustainability and technology practices, as well as cutting-edge equipment.

Built to provide another market opportunity here in Wisconsin for Heartland Farms, Inc. and other growers, the potato flake and flour plant gives Heartland—a key supplier—the ability to provide an integrated supply chain for its customers.

“Many customers we work with today on the raw potato side also utilize potato flake,” says Alicia Pavelski, administrative coordinator, and co-owner of Heartland Farms.

“By taking a holistic approach to the supply chain, and sustainability, we can deliver the highest quality potato products, whether raw potatoes or flake, to our customers while also increasing our regenerative ag focus and reducing waste.”

The facility can process potatoes that are slightly bruised or damaged. An integral step in producing flake involves steam peeling. By doing this, any defect is removed, and it makes a high-quality flake.

This helps ensure the right potato goes to the right place and enhances the overall quality of the supply chain. According to the Pavelskis, there is a large and growing market for potato flake and flour, particularly in the Midwest.

“We currently work with food manufacturers that utilize our flake and flour as ingredients to help make the products that ultimately get delivered to the consumer,” says Ben Creamer, sales and marketing leader at Top Tier Ingredients.

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